Our Services and Pricing


We buy your favorite Korean brands and products from any online stores in Korea. No need to worry about your mode of payment not being accepted by the seller, or the shipping from Korea to your country. With Korea Buying Agent, you can shop for more items in Korea, and you can save by combining multiple orders in one economical package. We offer fast shipping to worldwide destinations!

You don’t need to pay for consolidation when we pack all your orders in one box. With free storage for up to 90 days, you’ll have more time to shop, combine all your orders, and have them shipped in one economical box! Moreover, whenever you request to have packaging removed like shoe-boxes, we can do that for you without extra charge. You can definitely save when you choose Korea Buying Agent!

Service Fee: 10% of Total Purchase Cost, minimum 10 USD. 


As an extra precaution, we can bubble wrap a product or your whole order. This gives an extra layer of protection so products are safe from damage during transit.  We can also wrap all your items in plastic bags to protect against weather. We use heavy-duty security tape when we pack your order to prevent tampering during the shipping process.


Service Fee: 2 USD.



We can take actual product photos so you can check them before they are packed and shipped out. Once we receive your order in our processing center, we inspect each item to ensure it follows your specifications. But if you want to check for yourself if the color is correct, and your order meets certain specifications, you can always request actual product photos from the Korea Buying Agent team. The first 5 photos for stocks that arrive in our warehouse are free when you request it from us. If our team suspects nonconforming or defective items, we will notify you immediately with an actual photo, free of charge.

Service Fee: Per request, free for first 5 photos for stocks that arrive in our warehouse. After, 1 USD per photo. 



We shall examine each product thoroughly to ensure it is in good condition and meets your specifications. We help you fix product issues, and properly coordinate with the seller for resolution.


Service Fee: we offer free inspection service to check if items meet your specifications, e.g. to make sure you receive the correct product, as well as the quantity, size, and color. We charge 5 USD to do power on testing, with video. You may also send us other special requests and fee shall be assessed on a case-to-case basis. For return shipping, you will only need to pay the shipping cost.



We will pack your products into new boxes or packaging. We will supply the packaging for you. Re-boxing may be needed, as in the case of damaged and oversized cartons that arrive in our warehouse. You will be promptly notified regarding this matter.

Note: Free of charge.



If you need more time to collect your products before we can consolidate them all in one shipment, we offer warehouse storage, where your products are properly and securely stored.


Service Fee: Free for first 90 days of storage. After that, there will be a charge of 1 USD per package per day.